The Teen Reader

Your source for reviews and ratings on every type of YA fiction.

Meet the Readers

The Teen Reader is made up of two readers/reviewers, Danielle and Rachel, both 17 and book nerds. A little about us…

Danielle lives in Portland, Oregon, the city of bridges and Starbucks, attends a very tiny private school where everybody knows everybody else. This makes it very hard to hide the fact that she is a book nerd. She vacations in Neverland and Middle-Earth, and spends the rest of her free time either reading or lurking about the theatre district. She is an author and generally writes novels full of extremely tough characters to balance out the fact that she herself is a total klutz, except when it comes to swords, small children, and tree-climbing. Jesus Christ, Peter Pan and Samwise Gamgee are her greatest role models.

Rachel lives out in the middle of nowhere, otherwise referred to as Oregon farmland, but often shows up at Danielle’s house to eat her food. She is sometimes referred to as a literary snob but she prefers the term “total genius.” Her aspiration in life is either to become a professional editor or a travel writer, and then move to London, which is the most beautiful place on the earth despite the obvious litter problem. She has only lost her mind twice in the past year, once while trying to decide which book was her ultimate favorite and once while attempting to stay up past midnight.


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