The Teen Reader

Your source for reviews and ratings on every type of YA fiction.

Guide to Reading Levels

You will find a reading level at the top of each review, ranging from Easy to Advanced. Here’s the basic explanation for each level:

Easy: This book is simple enough for almost anyone to read. The text is big, the words are short, and it’s probably more of a middle-grade novel, appropriate for 6th-8th grade. High Schoolers can still read it, but will probably finish it within a few hours.

Moderate: A step above easy. Generally longer than middle grade novels but not much more difficult. Good for junior-highers or High Schoolers who are looking for a simple read.

Intermediate: Right in the middle. You might find a few big words, but should still be able to understand without too much effort. Good for a mature junior-high student or the typical High Schooler.

Difficult: For the avid reader, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t read much, you might have some trouble with this book. At the very least, it will take you a while to read.

Advanced: This means that even Rachel and Danielle had to look up some words. Generally an advanced book is for the very avid reader, and will probably be more of an adult or classic book than a YA novel. We don’t recommend advanced books unless, like us, you read way more than the average person.


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