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    Welcome to The Teen Reader, your source for reviews on all the most popular teen reads--and some of those that aren't popular, but should be. The Teen Reader is a great place for teens to get suggestions on what to read next, and for parents to get info about what their teens should and shouldn't be reading.
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Guide to Ratings

At the top of each book review, you will find a rating of the book, from G to R. This is the basic guide I use for ratings:

G: The book contains no language or sexuality, and little to no violence. You have absolutely no reason to worry about anyone reading this book, even if they’re only seven years old.

PG: The book contains mild language or mildly mature themes. (Mature themes refers to themes which may incorporate violence, but only in order to present the facts; think WWII fiction or the like.)

PG-13: The book may contain some explicit language, mild sexual references, or mature themes. However, it is probably okay for mature readers.

R: The book may contain explicit language, heavy sexual references, mature themes, and graphic violence. However, it is still classified as YA fiction; therefore, it is still nowhere near the graphic nature of an adult novel. An R-rated YA novel is still probably suitable for the mature 16-year-old or older.

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