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Artemis Fowl

Posted by Danielle on May 3, 2009

Author: Eoin Colfer

Genre: urban fantasy

Reading Level: Easy

Rating: PG for fantasy violence and criminal behavior

Summary: “Who is Artemis Fowl? A genius. A mastermind. A millionaire. And he is only twelve years old. Yet as crafty as he is, Artemis may have met his match in Captain Holly Short, an elf from the LEPrecon Special Forces, when he plots to steal the richest treasure the world has ever known–the timeless treasure of the fairies!”

Danielle’s Review:

Artemis Fowl has turned into a popular favorite among junior-high boys, and that’s probably because it’s full of action, clever ploys, monsters, bodyguards, fantasy weapons, and an ingenious combination of everything cool about the modern world and everything amazing about the fairy-tale one.

Think of Artemis Fowl as a fairy tale for the modern city kid. It’s about a kid who has everything he wants–he lives without parents, without rules. He has a bodyguard and servants at his command, a mansion packed with every sort of technology, a huge amount of money. He travels all over the world, and not only does he have everything already, but he’s also so smart, he can easily obtain whatever he wants. When you push too far, though, you find the same thing you’ll find in the stories that the Grimm Brothers told: when you mess with the fairy world, you find out that pixies are not at all as fluttery, cute, and pathetic as you imagined.

This story has all the same elements of a classic fairy tale, plot-wise, but most of you aren’t going to notice that, because you’ll be too busy watching all the computer technology, trying to crack the codes, and figuring out what sort of trap the ingenious Artemis is going to set up next. You have to give it to Mr. Colfer for bringing the fairy tale back with such class and style.


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